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My name is Felix Schneider. Currently I work with the goal of a dissertation as a research associate ar the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. I keep myself busy with classical image processing, deep learning, data science, statistical evaluation of data and scientific publication of my results.

Besides my work at the university I occupy myself with a lot of topics; from music, to sports, and to languages, there is a lot of it. Besides English and German I know the basics of French, Swedish, Norwegian, and I'm in the process of learning Rusisan. I learned Japanese, Spanish and Polish in rudimentary form to some degree, but never deepened my knowledge far enough. Besides that, I'm a founding member of the Hackspace Jena e.V.


In my work at the FSU Jena I am dealing with machine learning/deep learning and anomaly detection, applied to Middle High German literature. Here we investigate medieval stories, use and develop methods of Natural Language Processing to find stylistic devices and otherwise interesting or characteristic passages in literature. In addition to Middle High German literature, we also study dramas by Friedrich Schiller. All this is done within the context of the Schwerpunktprogramm Computational Literary Studies.

My previous project as a research assistant at the FSU was a project with a big German automotive supplier. Here we were researching methods within the framework of assisted and autonomous driving.

In my position as a research associate, I like to offer students the opportunity to write their theses. If you are interested in writing your bachelors or masters thesis in Jena - preferably in the area of machine learning/anomaly detection/NLP/computational linguistics - just get in touch with me here!


  • 2019 Best Paper Award at the VDI Fachtagung Reifen - Fahrwerk - Fahrbahn 2019
    Deep learning contribution in a paper about road condition estimation at an automobile conference. [link]
  • 2017: Qualified for the "Student Poster Competition" at the OCEANS'17 MTS/IEEE conference.
    Presentation of my master thesis at a conference for ocean sciences, with one of 20 selected abstracts form over 100 international submissions. [link]
  • 2016: 1. place at the ADAS Innovation Challenge Open
    Competition sponsored by Continental on camera-based recognition of mobile construction site signs on German motorways. [link]

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